Ancestral Medicine Cabinet

Heritage Programming for all ages! Want to learn how our ancestors prepared home remedies? Curious about reconnecting with how our Babas, Omas, and Great Grannies cultivated and used plant medicine? What would our predecessors have done in the event of a teething baby, broken bone, or infection in the time before doctors? We will be exploring the connections between the remedies of our ancestors and the herbal medicine we use today, and we will learn how to bridge the old with the modern. Learn how to bring (and make!) some of Baba’s remedies into our modern day medicine cabinet that we can use for ourselves and our families.

Instructor: Dionne Jennings, YEG Community Herbalist

Age 14+

"Loved how knowledgeable instructors were and loved the hands on activities to engage students! This is a wonderful program and students spoke about how much they enjoyed the field trip throughout the day."