There are two options available to visitors at the Fort Heritage Precinct:

The Fort Heritage Precinct is best experienced through a guided interpretive tour. A tour of the entire site takes 1.5 hours. Shorter tours can be arranged based on your area of interest. Visit the Warden’s Residence to pay admission and begin your tour.

You may also enjoy a leisurely walk through the picturesque Fort Heritage Precinct, unaccompanied. The exteriors of the North West Mounted Police Fort and the buildings in the Historical Village may be viewed without a tour guide.

Large Groups and Group Tours
If you plan on visiting the Fort Heritage Precinct in a group of 10 or more, please contact us ahead of time to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

Plan Your Visit

"My class and I thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Precinct. Each instructor provided a different approach to the information which was engaging for all of the students. Very organized and well run."