Public Programs

We have some exciting public programs coming up this fall, including sourdough bread making, veggie fermentation, and Medicine Bag workshops. Click here to register!

At the Fort Heritage Precinct, we provide a variety of public heritage programs.

Baby Moccasin Making – January 16

Learn the process of making moccasins in this three hours workshop, and make a small pair for your little one! Wendy Poseluzny, owner of Native Wild, will instruct this class, providing information on the cultural significance of different elements and materials throughout. Register Here! [...]

Willow Garden Trellis Making – January 20

Using locally collected willow rods, students will learn two weaving patterns and create a garden trellis suitable for climbing vines, either potted or in the garden. You will learn how to grow the willows, harvest ethically, prepare, store, and weave them into functional art! Register here! [...]

Cattail Basket Weaving – February 24

Cattails are so very adaptable! In this class, we will coil them and learn to create a circular basket as big as your skill and energy will allow. Materials will be provided and lessons in how to collect, sort, store and soak for use will be given. The resulting basked will likely be approximately 4 [...]

Sourdough Bread Making – March 9

Sourdough bread is so delicious! And healthy too as it is already partially digested by those beneficial microbes! Bring a jar and take some starter home, learn to feed it, grow it and make it into loaves of many shapes and types. Please register at least one week prior to the class date. Register H [...]

"Our field trip was very well organized and full of interesting activities. Our presenters were prepared for our arrival and showed interest in the activities that they were leading. I would have no hesitation in recommending this field trip to colleagues. It was a very informative and interesting day."