Public Programs

We are thrilled to announce that each class attending one of our History Centre programs during the 2019/2020 school year will receive a discount of $105.93! Thank you to our sponsors at the Edmonton & District Historical Society, the Phyllis Arnold Learning Fund, and at Nutrien! For more details, please contact the Programs Coordinator at

At the Fort Heritage Precinct, we provide a variety of public heritage programs.

Smudging Workshop – October 3

Learn the purpose and significance of smudging in this 2-hour educational workshop! Wendy Poseluzny, a Metis woman born in Winnipeg and owner of local business Native Wild, will explain the philosophy of smudging and guide participants through a smudging ceremony. Smudging will take place outside so [...]

Cheese Making – October 7

Learn the traditional techniques of culturing fresh milk and then using rennet, cultures, time and temperature to create a wide range of cheeses. We will make Goat Chevre and Stretch Cow mozzarella during this class. Register Here! [...]

Lamoureux River Valley Walking Tour – October 13

Take a fun, historical walk on the River Valley Alliance Trail, in the hamlet of Lamoureux.  Learn the history of this small hamlet, while enjoying the beauty of our river valley on an easy, 5 km round-trip walk.  Suitable for all ages. Please register online at least one week prior to the tour. O [...]

Vegetable Fermentation – October 21

The ancient storage technique of adding salt and cultures to vegetables to create lactic acid fermentation and long term storage will be discussed. We will make brined garlic, dilled carrots and cabbage sauerkraut in this 2 hour class. Please bring two wide-mouth 500-ml Mason jars. Register Here! [...]

Medicine Bag Workshop – October 24

Learn the sacred meaning of the Medicine bag and the different ways to carry medicines. Wendy Poseluzny, a Metis woman born in Winnipeg and owner of local business Native Wild, will guide the program and provide everything you need to make your own medicine bag, including beads, leather, bannock, wa [...]

Sourdough Bread Making – November 25

Sourdough bread is so delicious! And healthy too as it is already partially digested by those beneficial microbes! Bring a jar and take some starter home, learn to feed it, grow it and make it into loaves of many shapes and types. Please register at least one week prior to the class date. Register H [...]

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