Public Programs

At the Fort Heritage Precinct, we provide a variety of public heritage programs.

Ancestral Medicine Cabinet

March 15, 2018

Heritage Programming for all ages! Want to learn how our ancestors prepared home remedies? Curious about reconnecting with how our Babas, Omas, and Great Grannies cultivated and used plant medicine? What would our predecessors have done in the event of a teething baby, broken bone, or infection in [...]

Cattail Basket Making

February 15, 2018

Using nothing but cattails, whose uses and access are plentiful, we will create a small square basket suitable for storing soap or a few trinkets. The techniques learned can then be used to create many other objects, including mats, coasters, trays, ceiling tiles, and more! Please bring a spray bott [...]

Wool Spinning

January 11, 2018

We will learn how to go from raw wool to spun yarn, with an emphasis on hand spinning with a drop spindle. Wool roving and a simple spindle using chopsticks and an apple are sufficient to get the basics. With time and patience, this skill will reward you with its meditative rhythm. Tactile, mobile, [...]

"This is one of my favourite field trips that keeps me coming back year after year."